Our products are tailored with the finest raw materials. In the case of our berets, we use the best type of wool for their manufacture (100% merino wool), which results in flexible, warm, and comfortable products. This type of wool offers greater insulation (both for the cold and the heat) and it is water repellent and very breathable. Because this is a 100% natural fibre, it is also eco-friendly, not like other synthetic petroleum-based fibres that have a negative impact on the environment.

Boinas Elósegui is continually upgrading, responding to its clients’ demands and proposing new collections of fashionable products that complement a basic catalogue of classic products with a long, yet ever-improving, tradition.

Due to our vast knowledge of berets and other headwear, and to the fact that all of the company’s productive processes are integrated with the aim of satisfying client needs, our technical department is completely available to work with you, shoulder to shoulder, on the projects you propose to us. Starting with a simple idea, and in all the tasks from the initial design process of the product and its prototyping to the finishing and final packaging, we offer you and your end customers a product of tried and tested quality, fully manufactured in our company.